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About Us is owned and operated by Solos Health LLC. Solos Health is a health information company with a focus on dietary/nutrition and disease management aspects of health and wellness.

Our Mission:
The mission of revolves around four words: donate. educate. learn & live. Our goal is to provide consumers with access to high quality health information and services; offering education, support, motivation and tools necessary to safely reach and maintain a superior quality of life. This may include assisting people in solutions of where to donate money, attend a breast cancer awareness event, find educational materials or be part of our growing online community that assist in all these aspects.

We truly hope this site is a useful resource for your individual needs.

Research & Funding:
We support medical research and charitable organizations that focus on supporting the health issues for which we provide our services. A portion of all money we raise through our various solutions that are not free of charge go to support worthy causes in breast cancer.

Our Founder:
Steve M. Parker, Jr. is the founder of Solos Health LLC as well as and holds a degree in healthcare administration. He completed a 2,300 hour athletic trainer program while attending college, has been a repeat guest lecturer at Columbia University Graduate School of Business, a guest on cable television's Ask the Family Doctor, and a featured participant in Advertising Age's Business Marketing Roundtable.

Steve's career includes the following highlights:

  • Strategic planning and development for over 350 of the nation's largest hospitals, clinics and medical centers.
  • Funding fifteen+ successful & educational medical procedures
  • Launching consumer health portal CBS HealthWatch
  • Establishing the first online interactive "personal results" experience with anti-aging expert and best selling author N.V. Perricone, M.D.
  • Launching - a leading resource for breast cancer information

Steve is also an investor and managing partner of Levelwing Media - a NYC based interactive advertising agency specializing in Internet media.

A Personal Note from the Founder:
I personally want to thank you for visiting I have an overwhelming amount of gratitude for those in my life that have made me who I am today and allowed me the flexibility to grow, achieve, live and be a bit of a restless maverick so I can see beyond the horizon. From them this website has been made possible. Thank you!

This website has been a growing concern in my mind for the better part of eight years having a fascination for the health care industry and the health and wellbeing of others. I do get asked a lot if I have ever had someone in my family die or struggle with breast cancer. In fact, I have not. However, that does not diminish my passion and goal to assist others in finding solutions for themselves or others. I do have close friends to whom breast cancer provides very vivid memories of struggle and loss. On the other hand, I have lost both of my grandmothers to cancer, one as recently as August 2006 so my empathy for those that suffer is clear in my mind.

Most of my professional career has been involved in health care information and marketing. Health care as you know is a very personal subject. No matter how it affects others, you always feel it closest to home. It can be frustrating at times to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system, it is expensive to pay for and many times the paperwork is endless. The barriers never get any easier. On the other hand, it is very gratifying and rewarding to be involved in an industry that does provide assistance, support and solutions that help people to live. Hopefully, this site will make things a bit easier for you and your search for solutions.

Again, I want to thank you for visiting and please tell others about the resources you found here at - you can even use the Send to a Friend tool (on the left column of this page) to tell them.

Be Healthy,

Steve M. Parker, Jr.
Founder & President

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Cancer Awareness